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Asic Mainer Ebang: What is it and with what it is eaten

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ASIC Ebang Mining Hardware

Asic Mainer Ebang: What is it and with what it is eaten

Under the curtain of the leaving 2017, the Chinese company EBANG announced the release of miners of the new line. They did not commit a revolution in the field of mining, but they created a completely competitive product, which has every chance of equal to compete with their direct competitors - Bitmain.

Asic Ebang work on a well-known SHA-256 algorithm and successfully produce cherished Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The quality of the assembly does not cause complaints. EBIT boasts a minimum percentage of factory marriage and quite affordable equipment prices.
Ebang ASIC: buy or not to buy, that's what is the question

Definitely, buying offs of this manufacturer worth it. They have already managed to prove their effectiveness and reliability, thousands of users have been tested. We also tested them - the results please. With the bitmains from Bitmain really fight on an equal foot, they do not heat much, they consume moderately. It was noisy, though, also strongly, but they are also asiki.

If you are ready to order Ebang miners right now, then we are ready to provide them with you without departing from the box office. You can pay for the purchase by any way convenient for you. When ordering large batches, the cost of the equipment is discussed. We will collect, connect, check with you, we will assist in the setting, tell me how to increase the productivity of the devices.

    Competent consultation.
    The possibility of delivery to the regions.
    Service and repair in the office (I do not send to China).
    Flexible pricing policy.

We answered the main question - Introduction to buy. No matter, experienced you miner, or newcomer - the trouble does not deliver the equipment. Simple installation, setup, stable operation and high hashier - what else is needed for happiness.
Buy Ebang Miners in our online store at the best prices right now free shipping worldwide!

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