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Containers mining farms : Upstream Data – Ohmm Hash Hut 300kW

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Upstream Data – Ohmm Hash Hut 300kW

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Раздел: Containers mining farms

Request your Upstream Data Ohmm Hash Hut today. Imported from Canada.

  • Shipping in 6 to 8 weeks pending production queue.
  • 300kW (8’x16′) version, additional options available at added cost please see additional information tab.
  • Please note at checkout 415Y240V or 208Y120V option.
  • Please select solo buy shipping option at checkout in interim.
    • Please note shipping costs will be invoiced separately at time of unit(s) completion.
  • Volume discounts apply when applicable or request a tailored quote via contact page.
  • Cost saving credits apply to this listing.
  • Please take time and consideration prior to reserving your hardware.
  • Refunds are eligible before order is placed to manufacturer and will incur any processing fees.
  • Please research items prior to ordering. Contact for all inquiries.

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